Why Astrology? Why Astrology?

The word Astrology is of Latin origin and signifies the practice of examining the positions of stars and planets. Astrology is an ancient scientific exercise that has been in use for centuries primarily by the elite class but has witnessed a rapid surge in use by the common masses in the last few decades.

Astrology is a study that helps you know about the influence of stars & planets on terrestrial events and human life affairs. With the interpretation and observation of fixed stars, the Moon, the Sun, & the Planets, astrologers forecast and discern information about life happenings & periodic occurrences.

Astrology helps you to cope with uncertainty and stress, especially during difficult times. With astrology, you can have a deep understanding of yourself & your personality traits. When you are feeling helpless and cheerless, astrology can help you to make a decision with conviction. This exercise is a boon when you are feeling lost or unproductive.

In addition, astrology can provide you with hints regarding your hidden talents and can forewarn you about upcoming challenges in your life. It is with these scientific calculations of astrology that you can determine perfect timings and organize muhurats duly.

Astrology is a defined belief for daily events of our lives by astronomical phenomena of the Sun, the Moon, & the Stars. With trustworthy and learned astrologers you can take maximum advantage of the good times and save yourself from the impact of less favourable times. It must be noted that astrology doesn’t aim at creating fear among people – something a lot of unreliable astrologers do. It focuses on providing remedies and solutions to the troubles being face in your life instead of creating alarming situations.

Benefits of online consultation Benefits of online consultation

Online astrology consultation offers you affordable solutions which are not at all expensive as the pundit you are consulting is not to be directly benefited by you. It is an easy-to-use technology-aided service that brings to you a magnitude of professional astrologers to choose from.

Despite your positivity and courage when things are not going well, this could be because of the unfavorable positions of stars & planets. And here it is when online astrology consultation comes into action for our busy lives.

Online astrology consultation is one of the best solutions to your life problems. With online astrology consultation, you can get in touch with reputed astrologers within minutes and can achieve good results. Online consultation requires minimal effort as you can connect with a number of reputed astrologers in the comfort & convenience of your home or office.

It is an easy process that can be performed with your regular smartphone, tablet, or laptop, making it extremely time-saving & uncomplicated. You can use this practice for developing self-awareness and to know about your character & behavior with Zodiac Sign & Birth Details or come out of a major life crisis.

In addition, with online consultation on trusted platforms, privacy is ensured which eliminates hesitation and embarrassment. With online consultation, you can also record suggestions and remedies of astrologers that can be used as a reference in the future. Overall, online consultation has a plethora of benefits, especially if you connect with Mangal Bhawan’s Certified astrologers, and take a step forward toward a happier life.

Mangal Bhawan Advantage Mangal Bhawan Advantage

Mangal Bhawan is an online astrology consultation platform. It is a one-stop solution with a variety of trusted & certified astrologers. Whether you have issues related to Love Life, Kundli, Dosh, Carrer, Health, Muhurat, KP, Tarot, Marriage, Stock Market, Horoscopes, or Finances, Mangal Bhawan has an array of astrologers for you.

We are the perfect platform to connect you with astrologers who give you easy-to-perform solutions that one can only dream about. We have 100+ astrologers with decades of experience and impeccable knowledge. Here we are not only connecting you with people who have spent their lifetime in studying astrology and devoted their lives to serving people but people who are supportive and highly admirable when it comes to understanding the importance of the problem you are sharing with them. They will never disregard your emotions even if the question is as simple as what you would like to name your pet or a love marriage that you want but your family is not supporting. Rest assured, you will get an impartial answer based on facts and your life chart instead of any biases. This applies primarily to the younger clients who feel that astrologers and traditional people will not be able to understand the mindset of youngsters and the peer pressure they face which sometimes compels them to do things they don’t want to and later regret. With us, you can find the remedies, solutions, & a plan of action for all your problems.

Mangal Bhawan is a cost-effective medium for online astrology consultation. It is one of the most transparent and customer service-oriented online platforms. With us, you can book your consultation with an astrologer at a minimal price with 24/7 customer support. Additionally, we are not here only to make money, but to provide satisfaction with unparalleled service satisfaction. Our motto is to provide astrology consultation to every individual that helps him/her in best possible way. Explore Mangal Bhawan’s range of astrologers and book your slot with them for the minimum charges.

How to Chat/Phone/Video with trusted Astrologers of Mangal Bhawan? How to Chat/Phone/Video with trusted Astrologers of Mangal Bhawan?

Mangal Bhawan offers you three modes to connect with trusted and certified astrologers. Our astrologers are ready to assist you on Chat, Phone Calls, or through Video calls. You can select any of these modes to learn about the solutions and remedies. All these modes of Mangal Bhawan are effortless, straightforward, & transparent. Either of the above services can be availed at your fingertips at Anytime from Anywhere.

However, to get in touch with Mangal Bhawan’s Astrologers, you need to complete the registration process. It is a free-of-cost process that requires basic details like your Phone Number, Name, & Address. Once you complete registration, you can explore your suitable astrologer and connect with them through your desired mode.

There are a variety of categories to choose from. You can select an astrologer based on the method s/he uses such as Vedic astrology or tarot or numerology or you can select someone based on their reviews or language. You can even pick up the desired astrologer on the basis of problems s/he has mostly attended to.

Why Vedic Astrology? Why Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology
The most trusted and scientifically accurate astrological predictions are made through Vedic astrology. This is the most sought-after science globally. Find the best remedies with thousand years old Vedic astrology depending on 27 constellations with Mangal Bhawan.

KP Astrology is easy to understand & apply and an ancient technique to predict events. Based on calculations that never defy, you can find answers to critical questions with this system.

Popular in the west, Tarot is a type of astrology in the form of art of reading cards. Try this interesting way of knowing the course of future events with Mangal Bhawan’s certified tarot card readers.

Make a balance between positive and negative energy with our Vastu Astrology. Applicable to your workspace as well as home, Vaastu plays a major role in turning things in your favour or against you if not practiced with caution.

Discover yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, & personality with Numerology Astrology. This is the closest system that predicts the future as pure mathematical calculations.

Why to get Consultation from Mangalbhawan Astrologers? Why to get Consultation from Mangalbhawan Astrologers?

Get insights with Mangal Bhawan’s certified AstroGurus with the help of Zodiac Signs, Tarot Cards, Astrology, Numerology, & Horoscope.

1- Astrologers at Mangal Bhawan are worthy and give precise predictions for future events.
2- Mangal Bhawan has positive astrologers who help me to put a step ahead in my life.
3- Astrologers at Mangal Bhawan have immense knowledge of astrology and provide suitable remedies at a low cost.
4- I recommend everyone to get in touch with Mangal Bhawan’s astrologers during harsh times. These astrologers are supportive and help to deal with situations with a positive attitude.
5- Astrologers of Mangal Bhawan are dedicated to astrology. They are so accurate with the past and present. These astrologers understand you and provide the best remedies according to your needs.
6- I had the best astrology experience with the certified and transparent astrologers of Mangal Bhawan.

1- Mangal Bhawan has the best astrologers to analyze the energies and inertia of planets. With them, you can predict your future and upcoming events while staying in your bed.
2- When I was not getting a job, an astrologer at Mangal Bhawan helped me and suggested methods to make a successful career in my interested field.
3- I connect with Mangal Bhawan’s astrologers for things as simple as daily horoscope and to as critical as my upcoming event cycle.
4- Astrologers of Magal Bhawan impressed me with their outcomes. They are so good at explaining things and suggesting solutions. I thank the Astrologers and the customer support team of Mangal Bhawan to help me whenever needed.

Astrology Services Provided Astrology Services Provided

Kundali Matching
Match horoscopes of Bride & Groom for a successful and happy life ahead

Follow the traditional Hindu Calendar to find important dates with ‘panchang’

Predict the future with the position of the Sun, the Star, & the Moon during the time of your birth

Discover the most favorable timings while commencing anything new to increase its success

Dosh & Solutions
Usual and unusual dosh and its remedies with Mangal Bhawan’s certified astrologers

Know the method of festival celebration and their astrological connection with us now

Transits & Effects
Attract positive vibes by understanding the transit and effects of your planets

In which areas of Life i can get Astrology Consultation? In which areas of Life i can get Astrology Consultation?

Problem Type
We all have problems in our lives. Get in touch with Mangal Bhawan’s certified astrologers and find the best & affordable solutions to make your life simpler. We offer solutions for a wide range of life issues, from love life to career and health to financial stability.

Love Life
Build a harmonious relationship between the Moon and Venus with our astrologers for a happy love life. Get your Kundali matched to know if the relationship holds a bright future or if you will suffer at the hands of your partner and avoid any damage that otherwise could happen.

Settle the conjunctions of Sun & Rahu for a successful & smooth career ahead. In times of financial crisis, it is crucial to invest your money even more wisely. With Mangal Bhawan’s astrologers, you can rest assured that the answers you receive will benefit you for sure.

Improve your financial status with your Zodiac Signs by Mangal Bhawan’s trusted astrologers. Get answers ranging from your business name to your partners and investments.

Free Jupiter from the influence of Mars & Rahu for better Marriage proposals and happy married life.

Know the remedies with Mangal Bhawan’s astrologers to maintain health conditions. Illness disturbs the entire family in ways more than one can comprehend. Find out why the medication is not working or when the diagnosis could be made by consulting our experts in the field.

Stock Market
Improve the positioning of your stars for maximum return from the Stock Market. Invest wisely and yield good returns by knowing what kind of stocks will be favorable for you.

Current Affairs
Realize the astrological connection approach of Current Affairs with Mangal Bhawan’s certified astrologers. Political transformations, economic changes, pandemic, and whatnot, we have something for everyone who is interested in giving astrology a try.

And it doesn’t end there. You get up to three free consultations till your satisfaction if you feel your experience with one of our astrologers wasn’t up to your expectations.

So, what are you waiting for? This is now in your hands to make your life better and more beautiful. Consult astrologers from Mangalbhawan now!

Mangalbhawan: Consult Best Astrologers

Talk to Astrologers on - a service devoted to easing the lives of our users. It was never that easy to have live astrology consultation with an online astrologer on the phone , but our genuine effort has turned this shortcoming into reality. Mangalbhawan is the one of the fastest and most prominent emerging online astrology portal for those who are the victims of misfortunes in lives. In this Portal you can talk and consult with top Vedic astrologers, Tarot readers, Numerologists, and Vastu experts. We have astrologers who are experts in specialised domains of Astrology like Ramal,Nadi jyotish, Reiki etc to redefine your future. Have you ever wondered why some events in your life don’t happen as thought of despite situations working in your favour? Sometimes at the last moment some decisions turn bad ? Why are timing and situations over prevailing to get the best in you? You will get answers to all of these our best astrologers to make situations in your favour become proactive rather being reactive to situations.

You may talk to astrologer on phone with your problems 24X7 on our online astrologer portal, get advice and easy solutions . Here you get the best astrology consultation online on phone. Going through a rough patch or worried about your career? Unsure what the future holds for you or concerned about your child’s marriage? Astrology holds the answer to all your questions. Thousands of unfortunate and unaware people have got their destiny by having the encounter of character to circumstance with expert astrologer advice.


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