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Mangal Bhawan

A one-stop solution for all your Astrological and Religious needs.

Mangal Bhawan is an Astrology and Religious portal that brings with it an array of solutions for your everyday life issues. It is a dedicated platform where you can consult with a range of Verified and Experienced Astrologers, plan a puja for any special occasion or seek remedies for your Doshas based on your horoscope and purchase all essentials for that puja without having to leave your home.

We aim at providing convenience to our customers through ease of purchase on our Portal and ensuring quick deliveries at doorstep all across the country. Our innovative model brings together the expertise of our ancient Vedic Astrologers, Vastu experts and Pandits to not just connect you with the roots of this magnificent science of predictions but also solving life issues based on Grah Dasha, Nakshatra, Kundli Charts.

We all come across confusing questions about life, especially when taking tough decisions. Questions such as whether to proceed with some important decision in Life or Career or even Marriage – often keeps us confused or guessing. Questions that come with a lot of choices but give you little scope for guessing if your decision is right. If there are any such questions bothering you and you wish to find trustworthy answers for the same, half of your problem is solved as you have come to the right platform and Mangal Bhawan is here to help you find a solution to any problem that you may be facing.

Consult from our Expert Astrologers through Online Consultancy, or buy Puja products at the comfort of your house on the click of few buttons, or book a Puja with us and get it done with Online participation or you could also reach the desired Temple while we make arrangements for the entire Puja for you. We have it all covered for you.

Our platform is a perfect blend of Astrology & Technology. It is also an Online marketplace with high-end tools with Qualified and Trusted Astrologers to provide highly accurate and precise predictions.

Mangal Bhawan is also ISO:9001 certified. It is Cost Effective, Convenient, & Conservationist nevertheless.

Mangal Bhawan is Quick, Easy, Transparent and Trustworthy service provider for all religious, cultural and spiritual needs. Our USPs are 100% Organic products, Free Delivery, 24/7 Customer Support, Free Return, & Guaranteed Best Price. Get in touch now for quality Astrology consultancy or for purchasing best handpicked Puja products online at your fingertips now!


Choose from a variety of exclusive services at the best price with us. Rest assured, we are committed to customer satisfaction and our 24X7 support ensures that you till get complete peace of mind for all our services and products.

Credibility builder

Mangalbhawan has served more than 1 million customers and provides Astrology Services in 11 Indian languages. We have 25 years of experience with more than 1000 Astrologers. Our Portal is powered by 256 bit encryption with complete data security & privacy.

Vision & Mission

To bring the rich heritage of Indian astrology and allied services that are scientifically known to identify and solve life’s most common problems, and give access to our customers to handpicked Puja products at unparalleled prices.


Our mission is to instill faith in the age-old scientific calculations that helped solved several mysteries besides connecting you with Trusted Astrologers and providing exclusive services with utmost Honesty, Transparency & Clarity.

Significance & Objective


Mangal Bhawan is one step solution for Astrology consultancy, 100% Organic Puja products, & Puja booking with 24/7 online/offline customer support.


We are not only providing exclusive services & customer satisfaction, but our focus is to deliver you a value-added lifestyle with fewer things to worry about.

Why buy from us?

Our online marketplace offers you puja products of unmatched quality at affordable prices on the touch of your screen. This platform brings various kinds of Organic puja items under one umbrella. We have a diverse range of handpicked products like; Dhoop, Agarbattis, Flowers, Cotton Wicks, Photo Frames, Pure Cow Ghee, Japa Malas, Rudraksha, Ganga Jal, Sindoor, Akshat, & Gift Items. All our products are 100% Organic, Safe, Eco-friendly & cautiously chosen to provide you best and an enriching puja experience.

We understand that arranging products while performing any puja or Vedic ritual can be full of hassles, but with Mangal Bhawan, you can get anything at your doorsteps at an unmatchable pace. The products can be ordered one by one, you can upload a list or select a festival and leave it to us to deliver all pooja essentials. We cater to all kind of events from mundan and naamkaran ceremony to antim sanskar rites.

We are the ideal platform to offer you the guaranteed best price for all puja products online. You can connect with us anytime by Phone, Mail, or Chat. With us, you can make safer payments with various modes like UPI & Bank transfers.

Mangal Bhawan offers you exclusive puja services. We aid you in booking an Offline puja in Major Temples of India from anywhere or Book a Puja online and virtually attend the pooja which would be performed on your name at renowned temples without being physically present there. Not only that you will also get Prasad delivered to your home.

We have a team of skilled Pandits and Priests trained from traditional gurukuls. They are ideal to perform your Puja following Vedic instructions. With our pundits, you can worship and sense transmigration, the karmic cycle, & the process of cleansing the sins. These pundits are able guides to eliminate negativity, bring positivity & confidence to your life.

Mangal Bhawan also offers you sets of pujas that you can order at a minimal price. Our handpicked products, quality puja modules, & supreme yantras can gratify your ancestors while you have little time considering the busy modern lifestyle. We have a diverse range of puja sets to fulfill your wishes and provide freedom from problems in your life.

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Locations Served

Mangal Bhawan is an online marketplace with an efficient and convenient supply chain. We deliver products pan India in the most cost-effective way. The delivery cost on our products is Zero, but it never means compromising with the carriage. We have the tools and talent to analyze accurate demand, product flow, & sales forecast. We have an uninterrupted supply chain system, and our logistics are continuously improving. Mangal Bhawan is leveraging new technologies & investing in development for return management.

Holistic Approach

Mangal Bhawan encourages fresh perspectives. We are endorsing tribal women’s employment and providing them with a regular source of income to create the life they deserve.

Along with the organizational goals, Mangal Bhawan is focused on rural development. We are bringing to you handpicked and handcrafted quality products instead of factory-developed products loaded with chemicals.

Products offered by Managalbhawan are safe, eco-friendly, & easy to compost after use. Our handpicked products are Made-in-India in a chemical-free process, carefully considering the sanctity of pooja rituals.

Buy our exclusive puja products online and put a step forward with us towards an approach to holistic development both Natural & Environmental.